Strategic Global Aviation (SGA) is a world class military aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility located at the former Griffiss Air Force Base (B-52 Strategic Air Command Base) in Rome, NY. SGA’s maintenance bays, paint bay, and maintenance back-shops are facilities that once supported complex heavy maintenance operations on multiple B-52s simultaneously.

SGA boasts two each 61,000 square feet maintenance bays, one 51,000 square feet paint bay, 180,000 square feet of maintenance support back shops, 11,000 square feet of maintenance support offices, and 11,000 square feet two-story corporate office.

Our large hangar capacity affords us the potential to perform work on six C-130 type aircraft simultaneously depending on the type inspection or service being performed.

Shops and Skill Sets

A key element of our success has been our customer focus. With SGA you will find a team ready to deliver quality aircraft maintenance services, while being flexible and responsive to your needs. Our superior services directly reflect the creativity, work ethic and impeccable attention to detail. With SGA you will find a wide spectrum of maintenance services and support from a dedicated and trustworthy organization. Our culture coupled with our commitment to our customers will continue to drive the success of our company.

  • Depot Level Aircraft Maintenance
  • ISR Integration
  • Experienced A&P aircraft inspectors
  • Trained and skilled FAA A&P maintenance technicians and repairman
  • Avionics repair and installation
  • Engine and Propeller
  • Non-destructive testing lab
  • Full complement of Technical Data
  • Wiring harness manufacturing
  • Electrical and battery shop
  • Engine run-up
  • Aircraft depaint and paint
  • Corrosion control, aircraft wash & lube
  • Weight and Balance
  • Avionics upgrade installations
  • Structures and machine shops
  • Welding

Alongside a specialization in aircraft maintenance and inspection, the Strategic Global Aviation (SGA) team also provides other services such as Aircraft Management, Aviation Consulting, Repair Station Manual authoring, and Maintenance/inspection operations.

With our certificated aircraft maintenance team members we establish two types of aircraft maintenance support. The first is field maintenance support and the other the heavy maintenance program providing support in both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and inspections on the C-130 type aircraft platforms.

With our flexibility and aviation support expertise, we are able to meet the most stringent requirements in order to fulfill the mission. Our teams can travel OCONUS and CONUS in support of aircraft maintenance and inspections.